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Minimizing Your Chances of Hearing Loss

Minimizing Your Chances of Hearing Loss

Here are some essential things you can take note of when it comes to hearing loss.

Hearing loss is more common than we may realize. It’s increasingly common that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that the third most chronic health issue is hearing loss. However, solely because it’s so prevalent doesn’t mean that it’s actually inevitable. Here are some essential things you can take note of when it comes to hearing loss. 

The Causes Of Hearing Loss

Aging and noise exposure for prolonged periods of time can combine to be a recipe for hearing loss. But, other people tend to have a variety of factors that may contribute to their hearing loss. From their genetics and excessive ear wax to certain medications and specific illnesses, there are several reasons you could potentially experience a loss in hearing later in life. However, that doesn’t mean you will definitely deal with hearing loss. There are things people can do to keep their chances of losing their hearing as they age lower.

Always Protect Those Ears

Although you will never be able to change your genetics, there are a few things you can take control of in an effort to avoid losing your hearing. In fact, keeping noises as low as possible is a great way to limit the amount of hearing loss that you will encounter as you age. Just stomp blasting the music and keep volumes on the television on low. The reality is, keeping recreational music to a normal, low volume is a great way to reduce the chances of losing your hearing down the line.

Don’t Forget About Your Heart Health

That’s correct — cardiovascular health plays a part in your hearing loss. In fact, because your ears are quite vascular, they are sensitive to any changes in blood flow. This means that people who have good cardiovascular health tend to have better hearing, and their chances of losing their hearing are significantly lower than those whose cardiovascular health is not as strong.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are many, many ways for people to avoid losing their hearing. Minimizing noise exposure and taking the right actions to lessen their chances of having to deal with hearing loss is possible.

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