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The Best Ways to Deal with Tinnitus


The Best Ways to Deal with Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a phantom sound that affects many people’s hearing.

Tinnitus is a phantom sound, specifically the perception of a noise or ringing in the ears that only you can hear. Most often it occurs when there isn’t any other sound signal, and it can be a very isolating experience. There is no single cure or medicine, mostly because there are so many different cause of tinnitus. There are, however, some steps and coping mechanisms you can try to make dealing with it easier. 

Focus on Sounds

Tinnitus is more noticeable and invasive when there’s silence, so avoid it if you can. There are often lots of noises and sounds that we tune out (like birds chirping and background music), so instead tune into them whenever you can. Generally, adding some enjoyable background sounds can help decrease the effect of tinnitus. This could mean having music playing, using podcasts or audio books, or even investing in a white noise app or machine.


Try to get really restful and recuperative sleep each night. Being active during the day can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. If you have trouble, try to avoid caffeine during the day. You should also avoid alcohol or sleeping pills to try and get more sleep, as they usually don’t result in restful sleep. In fact, alcohol can actually contribute to insomnia. If you can spare the time to take a warm bath before bed, it can be helpful to relaxing both your body and mind and falling to sleep more easily. This won’t necessarily keep tinnitus at bay, but it may help if the sensation is making it hard to fall asleep.

Be Active and Social

Staying social and active can help you get more enjoyment out of life and decrease the discomfort of tinnitus. This is true of staying physically fit also. Some people find that tinnitus seems worse during physical activity, but keeping your body fit and active is still important and valuable to your overall health. 


Learning effective relaxation techniques can help you ease the tension caused by tinnitus. Taking classes in Tai Chi or Qi Gong can help you find important relaxation strategies, as can doing guided meditation. 

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