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The Signs of Hearing Loss

Here are some of the signs that could mean you have hearing loss.

Because hearing loss is so common, there are many people who are suffering from it without realizing it. Whether you have suspected that you could have hearing loss for a while or you aren’t sure, it’s important to see an audiologist to help diminish the negative effects. Here are some of the signs that, if you have experienced them, could mean you have hearing loss.

The Volume

In general, people tend to have the volume turned up much more than they need to. The recommended noise limit is actually about 85 decibels because any higher could harm your hearing. If you find yourself having to turn up the volume when watching TV or listening to music, or if other people have noticed that you have the volume up unusually high, then that is probably a sign of hearing loss.


It’s normal to occasionally ask a person to repeat themselves in a conversation when you didn’t catch what they said. But doing so multiple times or misunderstanding what a person said could be a bad sign. Also, people with hearing loss can have difficulty keeping up with the conversation when several people are involved. A common side effect of hearing loss is feeling isolated because of this. The sooner you get a hearing test done, the better an audiologist will be able to help you. 

Loud Environments

Of course, no one can hear as well in a noisy environment. However, people with hearing loss will have a particularly difficult time. Normally, a person has some ability to block out background noise when they are trying to focus on hearing one thing. But if you find this impossible, then you should save yourself the frustration and see an audiologist. There are many models of hearing aids that are sophisticated enough to filter out background noise so that you can hear what you want.

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