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Hearing Loss Causes, Other than Aging

There can be other health conditions that might play a role in your hearing.

Age-related hearing loss is indeed the most common form of hearing loss, other than excessive noise. However, there can be other health conditions that might play a role in your hearing. If you would like to know what other medical factors can contribute to hearing loss, read on to learn more.

Heart Disease

Our cardiovascular systems closely influence the inner workings of our head, particularly the brain and inner ear. There have been studies showing a connection between cardiovascular issues, such as strokes, and hearing loss. There are many health reasons to take care of your heart, and hearing health is one of them. So,  talk to your doctor and make sure that your heart health is on track, and give that information to your audiologist.


For the same reasons, diabetes can also contribute to hearing loss. That is because of how the irregular blood glucose levels interact with the body. It is sad, but true that extreme cases of diabetes can cause serious damage, from blindness to even losing digits. But if you or your loved one has diabetes, there is no need to despair. Doing your part to keep diabetes under control will be a big help. And even if that doesn’t fully stop the progression of hearing loss, your audiologist can help you choose from a variety of solutions.


Many people don’t know that certain medications are potentially very harmful to hearing. In fact, there is an official term for these medications, which are referred to as ototoxic, or toxic to the ears. And several of these ototoxic medications are quite common, such as aspirin. Even some antibiotics and anesthetics are ototoxic. You should never hesitate to ask questions to any of your doctors about the type of medication they administer or prescribe. 

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