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How Diabetes May Lead to Hearing Loss

Sudden hearing loss is more common than you might think! There are many different types of hearing loss and even more ways that your hearing could be lost or damaged. One of the newer causes that is still under study is Diabetes. Hearing loss and Diabetes are two incredibly common conditions within the US, and many have begun to believe that there is a reason for some of the overlap.  

What We Know 

While there is still a ton of research that needs to be done, there are a few statistics that we know for sure. People with Diabetes are twice as likely to suffer hearing loss than those without. Studies have shown that of the 84million Americans with prediabetes, there is a 30% higher chance that a diabetes diagnosis will be made than the average person. When a body is diabetic, it prevents the body from regulating sugar and insulin production in the normal fashion. The disruption of the blood sugar levels can affect the body in a wide variety of ways, including, we believe, the way the ears function. 

What’s The Connection? 

While the full scope of the relationship between diabetes and hearing loss remains a mystery, current research points to the ways that high blood sugar can lead to blood vessel damage all over the body. When blood vessels are damaged, they can create all sorts of problems. In the ears, this damage can lead to decreased growth or complete death of the hair follicles that translate noise vibrations into electrical signals the brain processes into sound. When these hairs are affected, the entire auditory system is damaged, sometimes permanently. For diabetics, taking preventative measures into account is critical. When possible they should avoid loud noises and take steps to reduce their symptoms through diet and exercise as this can help prevent damage to the blood vessels. 

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