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Three Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Here are three simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to protect your hearing.

It’s so important to make sure that you protect your hearing as much as you can. Hearing loss is irreversible in most cases, so it is better to take preventative measures now to help your hearing health. Here are three simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to protect your hearing.

Invest in Earplugs

People are often skeptical of earplugs, but the truth is that they can help more than you would think because of the way hearing works. Loud noises create aggressive sound waves that can put too much pressure on the delicate silia inside the ear, which contributes to hearing loss. Ear plugs help insulate your ear and dampen the effects of loud noises. Ear plugs come in several varieties and are widely available, so you can easily find the most comfortable fit for you.

Turn Down the Volume

Between listening to music and TV, there are a lot of things that can damage your hearing without you realizing it. Many people have the volume way higher than what is healthy. One way to tell if your volume is too loud is to see if you can hear it from a distance, such as hearing the TV in another room or hearing a song through your headphones without wearing them. Although you don’t have to turn down the volume all the way, it is recommended that you stay at around fifty percent, maybe a little higher without exceeding seventy-five percent.

Recovery Time

There are other things besides loud noises that can affect your ears, such as dramatic temperatures, excess water from swimming or even emotional stress. It’s important to be aware of what situations could be hard on your ears so that you can allow some recovery time. If you are at a concert and don’t have earplugs, then avoid standing right by the speakers and try to take a short break from the noise at some point. Dry your ears thoroughly after swimming and make sure to use a scarf or earmuffs when you go out in the cold. As for times when you get stressed, it might be because of circumstances outside of your control; but instead of adding to the stress by worrying about your hearing health, try to find time to take a break and relax to help lower your stress levels.

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