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The Main Types of Hearing Aid

Here are the four most common types of hearing aids to choose from.

Hearing aids were made to help people suffering from hearing loss, whether it was caused by age or a medical condition. If you think that you should invest in a hearing aid, then you should see your audiologist. Here are the four most common types of hearing aids to choose from.


The Invisible-In-The-Canal, or IIC, hearing aid is so named because it is designed to fit inside the ear canal when worn so that it is virtually invisible. Because of this the IIC hearing aid has grown in popularity in recent years. The IIC hearing aid is meant to be worn by those with mild to moderate hearing loss.


An alternate option is the In-The-Ear, ITE, hearing aid which fits within the outer ear. Although an ITE hearing aid is fully visible when worn, there are many color options that you can choose to blend in with your natural skin tone. ITE hearing aids are available for people with mild to severe hearing loss.


Behind-The-Ear, BTE, hearing aids is built  inside of a case with a piece loops around the ear so that the bulk of the hearing aid sits behind the ear. Then an acoustical tube directs the amplified sound to an earbud. BTE hearing aids are designed particularly for those with moderate to severe hearing loss only. 


Lastly a Receiver-In-Canal, RIC, hearing aid is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and it has a speaker that is worn inside the ear canal. Another distinction from other hearing aids is that the RIC uses wires to help reduce sound distortion. Although it isn’t as visible when worn it does not typically come in skin color options.

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