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How to Avoid Worsening Tinnitus

Here are some tips and tricks so you can keep your tinnitus at bay.

While each case of tinnitus is unique, there are some tips and habits that people can do to avoid worsening their tinnitus. In fact, there are even environmental factors that can end up impacting your tinnitus. Being aware of all the ways your tinnitus could worsen can provide you with the tools and tricks necessary to avoid your tinnitus from worsening. Here are some of those tips and tricks so you can keep your tinnitus at bay.

Avoid Alcohol And Nicotine

If you have tinnitus, you may just want to reconsider the next drink or cigarette you take. In fact, both of these habits, drinking alcohol and smoking, can significantly reduce the blood flow to the inner ear, which ultimately results in the complete and permanent damage and, subsequently hearing loss. The reality is, extensive periods of alcohol consumption also tend to raise your blood pressure, which also aggravates tinnitus over time. One solution for those with tinnitus is to simply reduce or altogether eliminate your nicotine and alcohol consumption. This’ll surely avoid exacerbating any tinnitus symptoms people with this issue experience regularly.

Take Control Of Your Blood Pressure

Unfortunately, high blood pressure can be very harmful to any tinnitus symptoms. In fact, high blood pressure ultimately lowers the blood supply that goes to the inner ear, which can damage the hair cells that then convert sound to nerve signals in the brain. Unfortunately, this damage tends to be irreversible, which results in further hearing loss. Ideally, if you have high blood pressure, dealing with that via medication prescribed by your doctor is the best way to reduce your symptoms and limit the potential of worsening your tinnitus.

Very Loud Noise

While you can’t always control what you hear and the noise you hear. In fact, many times it’s others who cause loud noise. However, removing yourself from the situation as often as you can is a great way to avoid worsening your tinnitus. The reality is, loud noise really does put your ears at severe risk of very permanent hearing loss

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