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Two Hearing Aids are Better than One

There are several excellent reasons why it’s better to invest in two hearing aids.

If you have hearing loss that’s serious enough to require a hearing aid, then you probably have a lot of questions, including whether you need hearing aids for both ears. It’s pretty common to see people with just one and often hearing loss will affect one ear more than the other. However, there are several excellent reasons why it’s better to invest in two hearing aids.

Easier on the Ears

The main reason why people have just one hearing aid is because they find that their hearing is better in one ear. But if you only have a hearing aid for the ear that is struggling with hearing loss then you might unintentionally harm it more by overcompensating with the volume. Having two hearing aids makes it easier for you to adjust the sound evenly for both ears, which reduces confusion, frustration, and harm.

Better for the Brain

In addition, reduced confusion helping the brain, having two hearing aids can be a way to invest in brain health. With hearing loss, the brain loses valuable auditory stimulation it needs to activate certain nerve centers. Even if you don’t feel like you need two hearing aids, having both will help keep the connection between your ears and brain strong and healthy.

Customized for Comfort

It might sound counterintuitive, but having two hearing aids could be more comfortable than one. Your audiologist is trained to provide you hearing aids that can adjust to the specific needs for each ear. And hearing aids don’t just amplify sound but they can also reduce background noise and make listening crisp and clear. You might save money by getting just one hearing aid, but you can have a much more worthwhile listening experience with two.

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