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How to Handle Your Hearing Aids in Background Noise

In public places, all the noise being amplified by a hearing aid can be overwhelming.

One of the most common side effects of hearing loss is loneliness and isolation. Part of this is because even with hearing aids, being in noisy areas can make it hard to hear the people around you and participate in activities. Folks without hearing loss usually associate the phrase “noisy environments” with places like concerts or amphitheaters, but any place with a lot of people in it can be noisy. Layer on the music playing over the speakers in almost any public place with the people talking around you and the people talking to you and all the noise being amplified by a hearing aid can be totally overwhelming. If you avoid going out to public places because of this, here are some tactics you can use to make it easier.

Plan Ahead At Restaurants

Restaurants can be quiet and peaceful, or they can be busier than a train station and louder too. If you are going to a restaurant for an event, ask to be seated near the podium or near the individual who will be speaking. If you’re simply heading out for a meal, ask to be seated out of the high traffic areas, such as near a wall or in a corner. Don’t be shy about your needs – explain your hearing issues when you make your reservation so that they can help you to find the best seat. Finally, you can also call and ask the restaurant when their less busy times are and make your reservation for one of them. 

Supplement At Venues

Sitting near the speaker or the action is also a good plan in a venue such as a theater. However, this isn’t always possible, since often those tickets are more expensive and they also sell more quickly. If you can’t be close to the stage, ask the venue about assistive listening options. Many venues have integrated systems, such as one that allows you to loop your hearing aid directly into the speaker system. If you frequent venues that don’t have them, consider investing in an assistive listening device of your own to supplement your hearing aid.

Relax With People

Remember that it is harder to listen when you are stressed and tense. As hard as it sounds, make a point of relaxing as you talk to people. Explain to your friends and family what you need from them to speak in a standard tone while looking directly at you and to repeat if necessary.

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