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What You Should Know about Noise Pollution

Here is some important information about noise pollution.

The top cause of hearing loss is excess noise. But have you ever heard of noise pollution? Noise pollution is a concept that defines the noise that surrounds us in our lives. It’s likely that you might not be aware of how much noise pollution fills your day. Here is some important information about noise pollution.

Noisy Surroundings

These days, there is a lot going on around us. Between technology, social media, and current events, it can be hard to get peace and quiet. If you’ve ever sat outside or in a room that was completely quiet, the silence might have been almost uncomfortable because we are so used to having sounds going on. Some examples of noise pollution include passing cars and planes outside, the TV or music playing in the background, and even loud footsteps and people talking. 

Negative Effects

Hearing loss is definitely a risk when noise exceeds 85 decibels, but there are also other reasons why noise pollution is harmful to your health. Noise pollution can contribute to stress, insomnia, and headaches, which will decrease your overall quality of life. Also, noise pollution can make it difficult to concentrate, which can be frustrating on a whole new level. Think of how much easier it would be to work a desk job without constant phone ringing in the background, for example. 

Reducing Noise Pollution

In many ways, you can think of noise pollution as clutter; when it builds up, it can get in the way of your life. But there are some things in your control to help you cut down on noise pollution. Around the house, you can invest in rugs, curtains, or putting up a bookshelf to reduce echo. When you are running appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher, then try to be in the next room and avoid running them overnight. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to invest in earplugs and noise-canceling headphones.

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