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The Dangers of Hearing Loss for Young People

Here are some things that can lead to hearing loss in young people.

Most people think of hearing loss as a thing that only affects older people. But the truth is that hearing loss among younger generations is on the rise. Teenagers especially can be at risk for early hearing loss without even realizing it. Fortunately, it is easy to spot areas that can cause hearing loss in young people to help prevent it. Here are some things that can lead to hearing loss in young people.

Headphones vs. Earbuds

The most obvious cause of hearing loss is noise, and many people have the volume up much louder than what is safe on their electronics. While turning down the TV and music below 85 decibels is a great start, the type of listening device can also affect hearing health. It’s a bit of a stereotype that young people are always wearing headphones or earbuds. Regardless of how much you or the young people in your life use them, it’s important to know that earbuds are much worse for hearing health than headphones. The reason why is simple; because earbuds are inserted much closer into the ear canal, they deliver sound at a higher volume than the wearer would realize. It’s best to use over-the-ear headphones to enjoy music.

Crowd Noise

Children and teenagers can be in crowded situations often, from school to sporting events. Daily exposure to that kind of background noise can really add up. You should consider investing in comfortable earplugs that can be worn when noise levels get excessive. For example, it won’t make sense to have them on during the entire school day, but it might come in handy during lunch break in a crowded cafeteria.

Improper Care

Many people don’t realize how much ear health, in general, is related to hearing loss. If your loved one gets ear infections often, then that could lead to hearing loss later in life. Simple ways to take care of the ears is to keep them clean and dry. That means drying them thoroughly after swimming, taking a shower, or after they get sweaty. Also, earmuffs go a long way in cold weather. Taking care of your body and avoiding illness will help prevent the ears from being affected.

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