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Signs of Undiagnosed Hearing Loss in Children

One of the most persistent myths about hearing loss is that it only impacts the elderly. On the contrary, hearing loss in children is far more common than you might imagine. But because so few people are aware of it, it has an unfortunate tendency to go undiagnosed. This is unfortunate, as the sooner your child’s hearing loss is addressed, the better they will be able to keep up with their peers. If you notice any of these signs in your child’s behavior, they may have undiagnosed hearing loss.

undiagnosed hearing loss

If you notice any of these signs in your child’s behavior, they may have undiagnosed hearing loss.

Missing Developmental Milestones

Every parent should be familiar with a few developmental milestones. These are commonly used to track your child’s development against what is considered typical. It’s not uncommon for a child to miss one by a month or so, but if you notice a trend of missed milestones, it’s something you might want to bring up to the doctor.

Numerous developmental milestones involve hearing ability in some way. For instance, most babies respond to their parents’ voices around 3 months in age. They may turn their head in response to a sound at around 6 months. Failure to do so could indicate undiagnosed hearing loss.

Turning the Volume Up

It’s not uncommon for children to sit too close to the TV, regardless of their hearing ability. What’s less common, though, is setting the volume at an uncomfortably high level. They may do this with the TV and computer alike. If you’re frequently surprised by the high volume at which your child uses the TV or computer, it could indicate undiagnosed hearing loss.

Issues with Speech

When most people think about hearing loss, issues with speech aren’t the first things that come to mind. But, when it comes to diagnosing hearing loss in children, it can often be one of the first signs.

Difficulties hearing what others are saying often makes it more difficult to learn how to speak. Children with undiagnosed hearing loss may be slow to say their first words, or to advance their language skills at a typical pace. They may also frequently ask people to repeat themselves, or respond in an inappropriate manner. If you’ve noticed issues with the development of your child’s speaking ability, you may want to schedule a hearing evaluation as soon as you can.

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