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Dr. Muth Featured in Article From WebMD: 4 Signs You May Be Hearing Impaired

How you manage the TV volume may be an indication of hearing impairment.

Our very own Dr. Muth was recently featured in an article on! The article covered common signs that indicate someone may be hearing impaired. Here is a snippet from the article…

With hearing loss, understanding the sound coming from a TV or radio at a previously-set volume may become difficult for you.

“You may not realize you are slowly increasing the volume on the television until someone brings it to your attention,” Trisha Muth, AuD, a clinical audiologist at Bay Area Audiology in Bel Air, tells WebMD Connect to Care.

“If you need to turn the volume on the television down in order to have a conversation with someone else in the room, this may be an indication of a hearing problem and a hearing evaluation is warranted,” Muth adds.

To read the entire article, visit

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