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The 3 Biggest Myths About Hearing Loss

Few aspects of our overall health are more poorly understood by the masses than hearing loss. As some of the leading experts in audiology in Bel Air and beyond, we constantly try to dispel common misconceptions people have about the loss of hearing. Every once in a while, we like to knock out a few of these myths in one go. Today, we’ll explain a few of the biggest myths about hearing loss that you should never believe.

The 3 Biggest Myths About Hearing Loss

Today, we’ll dispel a few of the biggest myths about hearing loss.

You Can’t Fix Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can’t typically be reversed. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions that can dramatically improve your ability to hear and—as a result—your quality of life. For many people, the solution comes in the form of hearing aids. Others may enjoy a greater benefit from cochlear implants. The only way to know what resources might be available to help you with your hearing loss is to schedule a hearing evaluation today.

Glasses don’t fix your vision, but they can help you see. The same goes for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

If I Just Take Care of My Ears, I Won’t Get Hearing Loss

It is undeniably true that we should all try to protect our hearing while we’re young—and even while we’re not so young. You should use earplugs when you go to concerts, and use plenty of caution with headphones. But even if you do everything right, this doesn’t mean you will never get hearing loss.

Hearing loss has more causes than just exposure to loud noise. It comes with the territory of aging. It could also arise as a result of genetic factors, or in response to an injury. If you feel as though hearing loss is impacting your life, we’re here to help.

Hearing Loss Only Impacts the Elderly

Without a doubt, one of the biggest myths about hearing loss is that it only impacts the elderly. In fact, hearing loss in children is far more common than most people suppose. In fact, studies have shown that it impacts as many as 15% of children ages 6-19 in the United States. This means that, in a group of 10 children, at least one probably has hearing loss. There’s a decent chance that two do.

When it comes to hearing loss in children, early intervention is key. The sooner we can isolate the problem, the sooner we can provide a solution. Scheduling a hearing evaluation for your child today is the first step toward putting them on the path to success.

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