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The Dos and Don’ts of Hearing Loss

Here are some things that you should do, and not do, to help you keep your hearing loss under control.

When you are suffering from hearing loss, it can feel like it dominates your life sometimes. But the good news is that you can still enjoy a full life once you have the right tools to manage your hearing loss. Sometimes, simply changing your habits can be a big help. To get started, here are some things that you should do, and not do, to help you keep your hearing loss under control.

Don’t Put off Hearing Health

The worst thing you can do if you have concerns about hearing loss is to put off seeing an audiologist. Hearing loss is a lot more common than people realize, and in a sense, everybody develops at least mild hearing loss as they age. But sometimes, people avoid seeing a doctor about it because they are afraid of the bad news. In truth, visiting an audiologist is a good way to be proactive about preventing further hearing loss.

Do Keep up with Hearing Maintenance

In addition to seeing an audiologist regularly, you should make sure that you’re doing what you can to take care of your hearing. This also includes your hearing aids. You can give them a gentle cleaning when you aren’t wearing them to help them continue to function. The best way to take care of yourself is to avoid high volume, which can damage your hearing.

Don’t Suffer Alone

Hearing loss is in the top three chronic illnesses in America, but because many people don’t realize how common hearing loss is, they feel like they are the only ones. Don’t fall into the trap of avoiding a discussion about your hearing loss because you are embarrassed. You should talk to your family and friends about what you are dealing with. If you feel left out of a conversation, then it’s alright to ask someone to speak up or repeat yourself. 

Do Set Yourself up for Success

Some ways that you can make life with hearing loss easier is working with your environment. If you want to enjoy a conversation in a crowded restaurant, feel free to ask for a quieter table. Also, make sure that you can find good lighting to look at the faces of people talking since visual cues make it much easier to understand.  You can also ask your audiologist about any hearing devices that can help, such as a hearing aid attachment for your phone.

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