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Three Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss

Most of us are familiar with one or more causes of hearing loss. Of course, aging and excessive noise exposure are leading causes. You might have been surprised to discover that heart disease, diabetes, and even dental health can also contribute to hearing loss. But the surprises do not end there. Below, we have laid out a few of the less commonly discussed contributors to hearing damage. Understanding these contributing factors can help you not only to enjoy excellent hearing into old age, but also to your overall health.

Three Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss

Here are a few lesser-known contributors to hearing loss.


While there may be preventative measures we can take to prevent hearing loss in some cases, unfortunately, you may genetically predisposed to struggle with reduced hearing. There are a number of hereditary hearing conditions, including Otosclerosis and Pendred syndrome. Even if you do not receive such a condition from your parents, there is a possibility that genetic mutations can impact your auditory hair cells. An experienced audiologist at Bay Area Audiology can help to alleviate the symptoms of any hereditary or otherwise genetic hearing loss you might have.

Viral Infections

Did you know that viruses have the potential to cause permanent hearing damage? A few examples are West Nile virus, measles, and shingles. While the possibility of hearing damage from one of these viruses remains relatively slim, you should be aware that it can happen. If you or a loved one notice signs of hearing loss during or after any viral infection, it pays to get in touch with a local audiologist as quickly as possible.


We all know that smoking cigarettes poses a considerable threat to our overall health. You might be surprised to learn that cigarette smoke, whether first- or secondhand, has a well-established association with an increased risk of hearing loss. This is thought to be caused by nicotine and carbon monoxide lowering the level of oxygen in your blood, and causing blood vessels to constrict. This can impact the auditory hair cells in your ear. You should be sure to add hearing loss to the list reasons you might want to consider quitting smoking—or to strengthen your resolve never to start.

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