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Starting the Conversation About Your Hearing Loss

Here are some pointers to help you have a constructive conversation about your hearing loss.

It can be a challenge to struggle with hearing loss, but you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. If you haven’t already, then talking with the people in your life about your condition can make things much easier for everyone. But it can be tricky to know how to explain what you are going through and how they can adjust. Here are some pointers to help you have a constructive conversation about your hearing loss.

Prepare Your Mindset

First, you should not be ashamed of your hearing loss or feel like you’re a bother. Depending on how new your hearing loss journey is to you, give yourself time to process it and make sure you are ready to talk about it. If you are afraid to have this conversation, just remember that hiding your hearing loss is only going to put unnecessary strain on yourself and your relationships. People, in general, are understanding and sympathetic,  especially when they are your loved ones or people who know you well.

Friends and Family

When talking to friends and family, they are the people that know you the best. You should think of ways to explain your hearing loss that they can relate to. If you can remember specific examples of times you spent with them and were struggling with hearing loss, then that can help as a starting point. You should also think about how hearing loss feels to you and communicate it with your loved ones. Then you can talk about how you can work together to make things better for all of you. 

At Your Job

It is very important to discuss your hearing loss with your boss at work, especially when you are concerned about it affecting your job. Companies in Maryland are required to accommodate employees with disabilities, and that includes hearing loss. Discuss with your boss or HR department ways to make your workplace better suited for hearing loss.

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