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How to Get Accustomed to Your New Hearing Aids

Here are some tips to help you start getting accustomed to your hearing aids.

If you have taken the big step of getting hearing aids, then you have made a great investment in your health and happiness. The only real downside to hearing aids is that they can be difficult to get used to at first. But, if you can make it over this hurdle, then you will appreciate the long-term benefits of taking care of your hearing health. Here are some tips to help you start getting accustomed to your hearing aids.

Take it Slow

Wearing hearing aids for the first time is a big transition, and many people aren’t prepared for how much they will need to adjust. In addition to getting used to the feel of hearing aids, you might be a little overwhelmed by the sounds coming back that you haven’t heard for a while. The best thing to do is gradually introduce yourself to the hearing aids. Only wear them for a couple of hours at once before you take a break and try to slowly increase how much time you have them on until you can wear them all day. Also, it’s important to avoid adjusting the volume. Most hearing aids can self-adjust, and if you turn up the volume too much, you could accidentally harm your hearing.

Brain Exercises

Your brain will get bombarded with information when you first start wearing your hearing aids. That’s because the hearing aids will pick up all the background noises that you aren’t used to hearing. With the hearing aids on, everything might seem too loud at first. The best way to cope with this change is to try wearing your hearing aids in quiet environments. Also, you can take steps to actively help your brain adjust. Actively participate in conversations and watch the speaker to get used to connecting their voice to how they speak. Whenever you watch TV, have someone turn it down to what they consider a normal volume and put on subtitles, which can help your brain further compute what you’re hearing.

Comfortable Fit

Actually wearing hearing aids can be a bit of a challenge because you’re not used to how something feels in or on your ears. It can be a little uncomfortable at first to wear, not to mention for your ears and brain to adjust, but if you follow the tips above, hopefully that will help. Of course, it’s alright to go back to your audiologist if the new hearing aids still bother you after a couple of weeks. Throughout the adjustment process with your hearing aids, don’t hesitate to call your audiologists with updates and concerns about your progress.

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