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Reasons Hearing Loss Can Increase the Risk of Falls

Here are some negative effects of hearing loss that can increase the risk of falls.

A fall is one of the top causes of injuries and even death among individuals over the age of 65. And while a lot of factors in aging can increase the risk of falls, many people don’t realize how hearing loss can be involved. Here are some negative effects of hearing loss that can increase the risk of falls.


As you know, the inner ear is responsible for controlling balance, because it contains fluids that help the brain understand the angles of the ground and movement to stay upright. This is why spinning makes us dizzy because it disrupts the fluid in our inner ears. And now studies have shown that hearing loss can also interfere with the pathway between the inner ear and the brain for calibrating balance. 


Whether you have experienced hearing loss firsthand or seen it happen in a loved one, then you might know how hard it is to catch different sounds or pieces of conversation. But when hearing loss affects a person’s ability to pay attention, then it can be easier for this person to overlook certain hazards. Whether that is the footsteps of a child or pet running around the corner or the sound of something dropping onto the floor. Hearing loss increases the likelihood of running into things that could make someone fall.

Spatial Awareness

Another important faculty that is impaired by hearing loss is spatial awareness, which is the ability to understand how certain objects are oriented in a space. Spatial awareness helps you understand where you are in relation to your surroundings. It might seem like a no-brainer to understand how close or far away you are from different objects in a room, but hearing loss can make it disorienting.

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