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Four Myths About Hearing Aids

For the most part, we all have a decent sense of what hearing aids do: they help people hear. This seems simple enough, but it’s surprising just how many myths and misconceptions there are surrounding them. Here at Bay Area Audiology, we’re dedicated to making sure that the public has access to reliable and accurate information regarding hearing. That’s why today, we will do our best to dispel some commonly held misconceptions about hearing aids.

Four Myths About Hearing Aids

Today, we’re going to dispel some commonly held misconceptions about hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Aren’t for Young People

When most people think of hearing aids, the first demographic that comes to mind is typically older people. But the truth is that they are becoming increasingly prevalent among young people. Did you know that as many as 15% of children exhibit signs of hearing loss? Don’t let stereotypes regarding hearing aids get in the way of the help you or your child might need.

They Will Give Me Perfect Hearing

Some people are under the impression that hearing aids will reverse every last effect of hearing loss. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. People who use glasses may enjoy the benefit of nearly perfect vision while wearing them. There is no such alternative for hearing loss. Still, this doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. Hearing aids have the potential to do wonders for improving your hearing. But this doesn’t mean it will be perfect.

My Hearing Loss Isn’t Severe Enough to Merit Hearing Aids

Many people are held off from getting hearing aids due to the belief that their hearing loss isn’t severe enough. Today’s audiologists are well acquainted with the fact that everyone’s hearing loss is different, and there are different aids to accommodate those differences. If you believe that you have any hearing loss whatsoever, consider scheduling a hearing evaluation as soon as possible. Then ask for an audiologist’s recommendation regarding hearing aids.

The Cheap Hearing Aids I Bought Online Will Work Fine

Some people are deterred by the price tag of hearing aids and decide to order cheap ones that they found online. You may experience some relief from these more affordable alternatives, but there is simply no substitute for the attention and recommendation of an experienced audiologist. They can program the them to suit your specific needs, and at a surprisingly affordable cost. The dividends you receive will most certainly be worth it.

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