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Why Self-Fitting Hearing Aids Don’t Replace an Audiologist

As long as hearing loss continues to be a major worldwide health condition, technological advances will keep trying to find new ways to improve hearing health. One example is the Self-Fitting Hearing Aid. But can this new device eliminate the need to get your hearing aids from an audiologist? Here are some things to consider.

About Self-Fitting Hearing Aids

If you have never heard of Self-Fitting Hearing Aids, then here is a brief definition. Self-Fitting Hearing Aids are simply hearing aids that are designed for the wearer to be able to program them based on their level of hearing loss. This device lets a person measure their hearing loss and then adjust the hearing aid to the best sound quality for them depending on the environment. A Self-Fitting Hearing Aid makes it sound like someone could completely bypass the traditional hearing aid fitting by an audiologist. But is this a good idea?

Pros and Cons

Self-Fitting Hearing Aids can be great for someone who has sensitive hearing. That is not sensitive in the sense of being able to hear well as much as it is sensitivity to loud noises. It can be frustrating to deal with hearing loss and sensitivity to loud noises at the same time. Being able to adjust a hearing aid depending on the situation instead of having to turn it off when things are too loud can be helpful. But keep in mind that there may be newer models of adjustable hearing aids that you can get from your audiologist. The biggest drawback to Self-Fitting Hearing Aids is that they are not universally user-friendly. The elderly and people with cognitive difficulties may have a hard time figuring out how to program them. Even so, you never know if you have adjusted the hearing aid to a safe level for yourself. Self-Fitting Hearing Aids can be a great solution if you want more control, but it is still recommended to visit an audiologist for a professional fitting.

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