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Earbuds and Your Hearing Health

Here are some things to consider about earbuds, as well as ways to help prevent their negative effects.

There are many useful things about earbuds. They are convenient and portable, and you can easily find ones that deliver quality sound and fit comfortably in your ears. However, earbuds could be a direct cause of noise-induced hearing loss. Here are some things to consider about earbuds, as well as ways to help prevent their negative effects.

Watch the Volume

Making sure that you aren’t playing your music and audio too loud is always the first step in preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Generally, you shouldn’t exceed sixty to eighty percent of your device’s volume. If you listen to anything higher than eighty-five decibels for extended periods of time, then it could lead to hearing damage. Many devices have a setting that lets you set a cap for your volume so that you won’t go into an unsafe level unintentionally.

Earbuds vs. Headphones

While earbuds have their small size to make them more convenient to carry around, you might want to consider headphones. Over the ear headphones help block outside noise, and since they don’t sit so close to your ear canal that reduces the risk of hearing loss. Especially if you get noise-canceling headphones specifically, then you won’t feel the need to increase the volume if there is other noise going on where you are. But if you still prefer earbuds, then look for a model that has built-in volume control so that you can adjust the volume yourself.


Ringing in the ears, which is also called tinnitus, is usually a warning sign of hearing loss. Sometimes tinnitus can be temporary or permanent. It’s important if you start to notice ringing in your ears, you should stop using your earbuds for a while. Even better, contact an audiologist to make sure that you aren’t developing tinnitus.

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