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What to Expect During Your Hearing Evaluation

A hearing evaluation helps to determine if you have hearing loss as well as the cause and proper treatment.

If you find that you are having trouble hearing, you should consult a professional and get a hearing evaluation. This will allow them to confirm or deny if you are in fact suffering from hearing loss. Here is what to expect during your hearing evaluation

The Conversation

Before the evaluation takes place, your audiologist will ask you questions regarding your medical history just as a doctor would during a check up. This gives them an idea of any medications you are taking and what your lifestyle is like, which is important because they have to determine any factors that may affect your hearing and which device is best for you.

Examining the Ear Canal

The next step is for the audiologist to take a look inside of your ear canal using an otoscope. This helps them to look for other fixable factors that may be causing your hearing loss such as excess ear wax or polyps (small growths).

Hearing Test

If the audiologist concludes that the hearing loss isn’t a result of an external, physical factor, they will then conduct the hearing test. The audiologist will play a series of sounds through headphones and you have to press a button once you hear a sound. They will play sounds at different volumes and frequencies to get a full understanding of what you can and can’t hear. They also conduct a bone conduction test, which tests the innermost part of your ear.


If the audiologist determines that you are indeed suffering from hearing loss and a device would be best, the next step is deciding on a device. The audiologist will take the results of your hearing evaluation and help you determine which hearing device is best suited for your specific needs. They will then get an earmold from you and make a fitting appointment so that you can get your hearing aid made specifically for you. The audiologist will teach you how to use and maintain the device at this appointment as well.

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