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5 Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aid in Good Condition

In addition to your daily hearing aid care, it is a good idea to schedule regular cleanings and check ins with your audiologist.

Hearing aids are no small investment and people depend on them to carry out daily activities. That is why it is so important to keep it in the best shape for as long as possible. A hearing aid should last you years with the proper care and maintenance. Here are five tips to keep your hearing aid in good condition.

Avoid Moisture

Hearing aids are electronic devices that run on batteries and there are actually circuits within the aid itself. With that being said, exposing it to moisture can cause very serious damage or even break your device. A lot of them are water resistant, but it is still best to take them out when you are swimming or taking a shower. Dry them with a towel immediately if they do come in contact with water. You want to store your hearing aid in a dry place when you aren’t using it.

Change the Batteries

If you leave the hearing aid batteries in for too long, it can cause damage. Moisture gets trapped inside and can cause corrosion to the batteries. When you aren’t using the hearing aid, keep the battery door open. When you change out the batteries, you want to clean the battery contacts with a cotton swab. Dirty battery contacts can cause poor connection in your hearing aid.


Your hearing aid is bound to come in contact with earwax since it sits in your ear. However, an earwax buildup is the main cause of lowered hearing aid performance. If you gently clean your device every night before you go to bed, it should eliminate this problem. You can do this with a cotton swab or a small toothbrush.

Change Wax Filter

There is a wax filter built into your hearing aid to help prevent the earwax from reaching the internal parts of the aid. This also needs to be changed out periodically because if it gets too clogged, it won’t be effective in keeping out the wax.

Schedule Cleanings

Though your daily cleanings will surely help in keeping your hearing aid in good shape, getting them cleaned by a professional is always a good idea. They are trained to do these types of things so they will ensure that your hearing aid is completely clean and ready to use. They can also inspect the hearing aid for things you may have missed and make adjustments if necessary. The professionals at Bay Area Audiology will ensure that your hearing aid suits all your specific needs and remains in good condition.

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