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Try these Tips for Simple Hearing Aid Repairs

No matter how well you take care of your hearing aids, it’s likely there will come a time when they need some repairs.

No matter how well you take care of your hearing aids, it’s likely there will come a time when they need some repairs. If you’ve been doing your best to maintain them, you may be lucky enough only to need simple care. If you’re feeling handy, try these quick tricks before calling your healthcare professional.  

Keep It Clean

Let’s face it, ears aren’t always the cleanest place. For sensitive hearing devices, any buildup of dirt and wax can lead to clogged ports and microphones. Often, if cleaning is needed, it will be evident by way of static and feedback noises when the device is in use. To clean your hearing aid, make sure to use a soft, dry tissue or cloth to wipe down your entire unit each day. Along with keeping your device clean, it helps to be sure that your ears themselves are clean as well. Not only does having clean ears decrease the chances of your unit becoming clogged in the first place, but if you have excess ear wax or a blockage, that may be the cause of your troubles.  


Once clean, there are a few steps you can take to see if you can fix your hearing aid on your own. Start by ensuring that the battery is charged, installed properly and that the unit is turned on. While it may seem silly, the number of times where a hearing aid has been turned off on accident and assumed broken is quite high. Likewise, installing the batteries can be a challenge, so before you panic, make sure to check that the batteries are charged and installed in the proper manner. The volume levels, like the power settings, can be adjusted on accident as well, be sure that they are turned up. If your unit has behind the ear tubing, check that it is in good condition with no signs of wear or breakage.

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