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Tips For Protecting Your Hearing This Spring

Fireworks can contribute to hearing loss, so make sure you wear earplugs during a firework show and keep your distance to protect your hearing!

The warm weather is finally here and that means we get to enjoy way more time outside! It is always great to be able to enjoy the weather, but this also comes with a higher risk of hearing loss. From fireworks to the sound of lawnmowers in the morning to going to see your favorite bands at an outdoor concert, there are loud noises everywhere we go. Here are some easy tips for protecting your hearing this spring.

Sudden Noises

If you hear a sudden loud noise that was unexpected, immediately walk around from the sound source and plug your ears with your fingers. If you increase the distance between yourself and the sound, it will help to reduce the intensity that is making it to your ears.


It is a common misconception that earplugs completely block out the sound around you. However, you can still hear music and conversations when you have earplugs in. With that being said, when you go to concerts or places that you know will have loud noise, invest in a pair of earplugs. They will protect your hearing from the dangerous sounds that can damage your ears.


When watching a firework show, keep a good distance between you and the fireworks themselves. It is best to leave fireworks to the professionals versus trying to set them off yourself. You can wear earplugs during a fireworks show as well to help protect your hearing.

Turn The Music Down

With so many people using headphones for music now, the risk of hearing loss is at an all time high. You do not need to have your music up to the highest volume to enjoy it. You want to keep your headphone volume to the halfway point or lower and make sure you limit the amount of time you are listening to them at once to protect your hearing.


Hearing Tests

It is a good idea to get regular hearing tests from a professional to ensure that you aren’t experiencing any hearing loss. Often times, hearing loss occurs gradually so we may not even notice that it’s happening until it’s too late. A hearing care professional can also give you custom hearing protection devices to suit your needs.

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