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Potential Causes And Treatments For Conductive Hearing Loss

Something as minor as the common cold or an ear infection can cause conductive hearing loss.

There are several different types of hearing loss, all caused by different things, but leading to one outcome. One of the common types of hearing loss is conductive, resulting from problems with the ear canal, eardrum, or middle ear. Here is what you need to know about conductive hearing loss.


As mentioned before, conductive hearing loss is a result of problems within the ear. It may be surprising to know that things like ear infections, allergies, and the common cold can lead to conductive hearing loss. Some people may be born with a malformation of a part of the ear, which in turn affects their hearing. In addition to this, Otosclerosis, a genetic condition that keeps sound from getting to the middle ear), is another cause. A buildup of earwax or a foreign body in the ear can lead to this type of hearing loss as well.


Treatment for conductive hearing loss varies depending on the cause. Here are a few treatment options:


  • Surgery: For those who suffer from conductive hearing loss as a result of a malformation of the ear, surgery is an option to fix it. If the problem is unable to be fixed with surgery, there are hearing aids and listening devices that can be implanted.
  • Antibiotics: This is used for people who get conductive hearing loss for things like ear infections, foreign objects in the ear, and built up fluid in the ear. This hearing loss is usually temporary, so the antibiotics get rid of the infection, which in turn gets rid of the hearing loss.
  • Otosclerosis: If your conductive hearing loss is a result of Otosclerosis, it can potentially be managed with surgery to replace the immobile stapes that aren’t allowing sound to pass through. Hearing aids can also be a solution.


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