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Three Important Facts about Your Ears

The human ears are an amazing part of the body. They might not be something we think about all the time, but the ears are complex and mysterious in many ways. Here are three facts about your ears that you should know to appreciate how special they are.

Smallest Bone in the Body

Some people are surprised to learn that there are bones inside of their ears. Three specific bones in the body help support your eardrum so that you can hear. These bones are smaller than a penny, and the smallest bone in your body is the stirrup bone, which is shaped exactly like a stirrup. 

Other Functions of the Ear

Did you know that your ears aren’t just for hearing? It’s pretty well known that your inner ear plays a role in maintaining balance. The way that this works is through a small amount of fluid in your ears that helps your brain calibrate the way that the bubble in a level works. That’s why spinning around makes you dizzy, because it throws the fluid in your ears off of equilibrium. Also, you might experience vertigo and dizziness as a symptom if you have an ear infection.

Your Ears’ Defenses

On this site, you might have seen ears referred to as “self-cleaning.” The main reason that your ears have earwax is to protect your ears against dirt and debris. But the inside of your ear also has thousands of little hairs that help to trap these foreign contaminants and convey the earwax that gathers out of your ear. For this reason, it’s best to avoid digging in your ear with cotton swabs, because it might interrupt this natural process and pack down the earwax instead.

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