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Lesser-Known Impacts of Hearing Loss in the Elderly

Hearing loss can damage an older person’s quality of life in more ways than you might realize.

Although it is a well-known fact that hearing begins to deteriorate as we age, hearing loss is significantly underdiagnosed in the elderly population. Therefore, over half of middle-aged and older adults live with untreated hearing loss. But difficulty hearing can damage an older person’s quality of life in more ways than you might realize.


Hearing impairment can create barriers in communication. Often a person with untreated hearing loss will find themselves frustrated by asking others to repeat themselves or by the embarrassment of incorrectly responding to something they misheard. This can lead to social isolation, where the person avoids public settings or the majority of social interaction at all. Understandably, a person who is already suffering from hearing loss will become depressed if they feel that their only choice is to endure their condition alone.

Cognitive Decline

The misconception among many with untreated hearing loss as they age is that there is no remedy and they must simply accept their situation. However, those who underestimate the power of hearing aids also might not know how much they can preserve cognitive function. While losing some of your cognitive edge is just a part of aging, studies have shown that individuals with untreated hearing loss experienced a quicker cognitive decline. Symptoms included issues with memory, judgment, and language. On the mild cognitive impairment (MCI) scale, ranging between normal aging decline and the levels of dementia, the elderly who used hearing aids were shown not to progress as severely down the scale over the years.

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