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Tips for Coping with Tinnitus

At its worst, tinnitus can be debilitating. Many people with this affliction have to cope with severe psychological consequences, such as anxiety and depression. All of this is made worse by the fact that there is no known cure. But just because there is no cure doesn’t mean it can’t be helped. Here are some of the best tips for coping with tinnitus.

coping with tinnitus bay area audiology

Living with tinnitus can be debilitating. Here are some tips to help you cope.

Be Careful with Stimulants

Countless people across the country make use of stimulants every day. These can include anything from alcohol, to tobacco, and even caffeine. Some individuals end up using alcohol in particular to help them cope with tinnitus, but the truth is that all stimulants can exasperate the symptoms. You’d be better off without them.

Protect Your Hearing

While there might not be a cure for your tinnitus, you should do everything in your power to prevent it from getting worse. This means taking steps to protect your hearing. If you have a loud working environment, or are going to a noisy event such as a concert, you should wear earplugs. You should also be extremely careful with headphones, and use them at the quietest volume possible.

Look into Counseling

Tinnitus isn’t a psychological disorder, but it can have a serious impact on one’s psychology. Not only can tinnitus cause anxiety and depression, but anxiety and depression can exasperate its symptoms. It’s the very definition of a vicious cycle.

No one should ever neglect their psychological well-being. Looking into counseling could be a big step toward coping with tinnitus.

Hearing Aids

One of the most effective ways of helping patients cope with tinnitus is with hearing aids. While we can’t quite refer to hearing aids as a ‘cure’ to tinnitus, many patients experience marked relief with them. This is because hearing aids can amplify environmental noise, which helps to drown out the sensation of ringing in your ears.

About 60% of patients with tinnitus who schedule a hearing evaluation and acquire hearing aids report that they experience significant relief. If you combine hearing aids with the other tips we’ve laid out above, you’ll be surprised at how much easier coping with tinnitus becomes.

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