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Why Hearing Aids Whistle and How To Fix It

Hearing aids are one of the best ways to deal with hearing loss. But they aren’t miraculous. Like almost any other complicated piece of technology, they are prone to having technical difficulties from time to time. The good news is that, as long as you’ve invested in high-quality hearing aids, the odds are that any problems you might have are attributable to user error. One such issue with hearing aids is whistling. Today, we’ll dive into why hearing aids whistle, and what you can do to fix it.

Why Hearing Aids Whistle and How To Fix It

Do your hearing aids whistle? Here are some ways you might be able to fix it.

They Don’t Fit

When you’re being examined for hearing aids, an audiologist should take a mold of your ear to give your hearing aid the perfect fit. This is called an earmold. But even if your earmold was taken perfectly, there is the chance that over time your ear could change in shape. This could explain why your hearing aids are whistling. The solution is easy—just get another earmold.

Excess Volume

You might think that turning up the volume on your hearing aids will help you hear. But the truth is that it can sometimes do the opposite. This is because it can cause feedback. Feedback with hearing aids results when the sound on the inside of the device is picked up by the other side. It may manifest as a whistle. To avoid this problem, be sure to keep the volume down to a reasonable level.

Wearing It Improperly

The simplest reason why hearing aids whistle is that they aren’t worn properly. Sometimes, people erroneously put the right hearing aid in the left ear and vice versa. If that’s the case, just switch them. Otherwise, try taking them out and putting them back in again. You may simple have to push the receiver further down your ear canal.

Excess Earwax

Typically, your ear does a remarkably good job at regulating the buildup of earwax. But having hearing aids in your ears all the time can interfere with this process, and you may even end up with a blockage. If this builds up inside your ear, it could create a sound similar to a whistle. You may also experience a headache. Beyond the discomfort and the whistling, this could even damage the hearing aids themselves.

It can be disconcerting if this is the answer to your question of why hearing aids whistle. If you have severe earwax buildup, professional removal is always an option.

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