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Unknown Hearing Aid Facts

Unknown Hearing Aid Facts

Hearing aids do exactly as the name suggests; they allow people who have difficulty hearing or hearing loss to hear more clearly and live normal lives.

Hearing aids do exactly as the name suggests; they allow people who have difficulty hearing or hearing loss to hear more clearly and live normal lives. Technology has provided the opportunity to do this with advancements that have made them smaller and more discreet. Most people understand the general concept of hearing aids, but there are many lesser-known facts that make them a beneficial device.

Young and Old

Hearing aids aren’t just for senior citizens. In fact, people of all ages experience hearing loss and benefit from wearing hearing aids. Wearable technology that assists in everyday life is valuable to all people, in helping everyone achieve a full life.

Size Matters

Many people have an outdated view of hearing aids. They envision large, bulky accessories hanging over the ear and being a distraction to anyone who sees them. As technology continues to progress, hearing aids have become much smaller and more discreet. They are even considered stylish to some people.

Levels of Hearing Loss

Hearing aids aren’t just for people with severe hearing loss; they also assist people who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. Hearing aid models vary in how much assistance they provide and are customized to the amount of correction you need.


Many people believe that hearing aids are expensive devices and they continue to endure a lifestyle without the total or proper function of their ears. The Hearing Loss Association of America provides access to financial resources. Your doctor will also know the best ways to work with your budget, to ensure that you have access to the hearing correction or assistance that you need.

Not Like Glasses  

Hearing aids aren’t like glasses; they don’t immediately provide the perfect amount of sound assistance as soon as you put them on. Hearing aids need to be adjusted according to the wearer’s experience and ability to hear. At first wear, hearing aids can be a bit overwhelming so it’s important to be clear about your experience with your doctor so that the hearing aid can be adjusted accordingly.

Hearing Loss Solutions from Bay Area Audiology

If you are concerned about hearing loss or seeking hearing evaluations, tinnitus evaluations, or hearing aid assistance, our doctors are ready to help. We are passionate about helping all of our patients improve their quality of life through better hearing. We also believe that patient education is critical, so you won’t be lead through endless sales pitches at our office. If you are interested in hearing how we can help you hear even better, contact us at (410) 838-4327 or online. For more hearing tips and articles, follow Bay Area Audiology on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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