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Tips for Getting Rid of Earwax

Tips for Getting Rid of Earwax

Check out these tips for dealing with earwax buildup.

Earwax is one of those facts of life that we all wish would disappear. But it is indeed something that we all experience. Although it’s healthy that our bodies produce earwax, it’s probably not on anyone’s list of favorites. Everyone has their own method of cleaning out their ears, some safer than others, but we all want to make sure that our ears are as clean as possible. Check out these tips for dealing with earwax buildup.

Too Much Earwax

As previously mentioned, everyone has earwax, and it serves an important purpose for the health of our ears. Earwax keeps our ear canals lubricated while protecting our eardrums from debris. Some people produce more than others. For those that are wondering if they produce too much earwax, there a few factors to consider. First, if you experience any pain or if your ears always feel full, those are both signs that your body is creating too much earwax. If your ears itch or if you’ve noticed some discharge, those could also be signs. Furthermore, if you’ve noticed that you can’t hear as well as you think you should, a build-up of earwax could be the problem. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it might be time to consult a professional rather than trying to solve the problem at home.

A Gentle Approach

When cleaning your ears at home, be sure to use a gentle approach. Wipe the wax away with a cloth and use a solution of mineral oil, baby oil, glycerin, or peroxide-based ear drops to dissolve the wax. Another technique is with the use of a syringe filled with water or saline. You’ll gently rinse the earwax out of your canal. Be mindful that if you have a hole in your eardrum, you shouldn’t use the syringe technique.      


Ear candling is a method that many people swear by. However, medical professionals advise against using this approach. It’s known as a safe and natural method, but it can lead to injuries like burns and eardrum perforation.  

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