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How Can Fireworks Harm Your Hearing This New Year’s Celebration?

new year's

Are you planning on heading down to the Inner Harbor this New Year’s Eve to enjoy the colorful and spectacular display?  Here are a few tips that will help protect your hearing.

With New Year’s on its way, it’s time to cover the potential dangers of watching fireworks.  We’re not talking about the fire hazards or whatever could go wrong through setting them off–the real problem is what fireworks can do to your hearing.  Are you planning on heading down to the Inner Harbor this New Year’s Eve to enjoy the colorful and spectacular display?  Read on for a few tips that will help you protect your hearing.

Why are fireworks damaging to your hearing?


Because fireworks are generally watched from a distance, it’s important to note that the level of damage depends on how far away you are from the source of the sound.  Fireworks can be anywhere from 150 to 175 decibels; it is recommended that adults are not exposed to more than 140 decibels.  Children should only be exposed to 120 decibels at most.  It is recommended to not even bring your infant to a fireworks show, due to the potential hearing loss that could occur.  This is just one more reason why you should never set off fireworks in your backyard.


How can you protect your hearing?


Distance is key.  Standing as far away as possible may seem like a bad spot, but it’s the best way to ensure you won’t incur hearing loss.  The other most popular option for hearing protection during a fireworks show is ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones.  Both of these options can be customized to be exactly what you need.  Earplugs can be purchased at the drugstore, or they can be created just for you by an audiologist.  If you suspect that your hearing has been harmed by a fireworks show, it’s important to get a hearing evaluation done right away.  


Get a quality hearing evaluation done with Bay Area Audiology!


Ready to change the way you look at hearing loss?  Our Doctor of Audiology, Dr. Trisha A. Bents Muth, is exceptionally experienced in the art of audiology, and is dedicated to providing the absolute best solutions.  Bay Area Audiology has been working to give patients a comfortable environment, with thorough evaluations.  We are independently owned, and unbiased when it comes to finding you the care you need.  

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