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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Be on the lookout for some of these early signs of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a common part of becoming older. In the US, nearly 1/3 of adults between 65 and 75 have hearing loss, and nearly half of all adults over 75 have hearing loss. Unfortunately, for many, hearing loss is so gradual that they may not even notice it happening. In fact, many people don’t even realize they are suffering from hearing loss until someone close to them points out the symptoms. As with most things, early detection is key to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, so be on the lookout for some of these early signs of hearing loss.

Noticeable Symptoms in Others

Often it is easier for others to notice that you are having hearing loss before you do because it happens so gradually. Often people may notice that you are speaking more loudly, asking them to repeat themselves, or failing to respond when they call to you. If someone close to you suggests that you may be losing your hearing, try not to get defensive – they may just be noticing signs that you haven’t seen yet.

Noticeable Symptoms in Yourself 

Sometimes you can notice that things are changing for yourself. If you have trouble hearing people or making out exactly what they’re saying, especially in noisy environments, you could be experiencing hearing loss. This is often a bigger issue with hearing women and children’s voices, since they tend to be high pitched, and with hearing consonants. You may also notice that you find it harder to hear people on the phone than you used to, or that you have to turn up the volume on radios, TVs, and your cellphone. Other sounds that you may notice you have more difficulty hearing include timers. Finally, when you have hearing loss, you may also notice tinnitus or ringing in your ears. Any of these symptoms could indicate hearing loss and are a clear sign that you should visit an audiologist.

Unexpected Symptoms

If you find that you often think people are mumbling and you find yourself completely exhausted after social events (or you start to avoid them altogether), that could be a sign that you’re experiencing hearing loss without realizing it. You may also notice that your relationships are suffering before you ever notice the actual hearing loss. These symptoms are also signs you should have your hearing checked.

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