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What is Ear Wax Removal and When Do You Need It?

ear wax removal

Are you suspecting that you may need your excess ear wax removed?  Learn more about the process of ear wax removal and what it means.

Ear wax removal is a procedure that many different people, of all ages, need to hear clearly. Of course, it’s important to visit your doctor at Bay Area Audiology to determine if the problem is related to ear wax build-up or something else. What exactly is ear wax removal and when should you need the procedure performed?

Never Do It Yourself  

Ear wax removal is not something that you should attempt on your own, as your ear canal is incredibly delicate. Every time you put something into your ear, you could potentially damage your ear canal and/or ear drum. Unfortunately, many people attempt DIY ear wax removal at home and suffer perforated or burst ear drums as a result. Never attempt ear wax removal by yourself.

When Do People Need Ear Wax Removal?

Some people produce large amounts of ear wax and others cause the need for ear wax removal by using cotton swabs or other implements to clean their ears (instead causing everything to settle and block the ear). Some of the most common symptoms of ear wax removal include a feeling of fullness in your ear, hearing everything as if it is muffled, and a very mild tinnitus or ringing in the ear.

How is Ear Wax Removal Performed?

There are several different types of ear wax removal to suit a variety of patients and situations. Some of the most common ear wax removal methods include:

  • Microsuction ear wax removal that uses a small and powerful vacuum to softly suck any ear wax from your ear
  • Irrigation ear wax removal uses a stream of water to gently loosen what is in your ear canal and remove it

Both types of ear wax removal, again, should only be performed by a professional.

Bay Area Audiology Has Hearing Solutions for You

If you are concerned about hearing loss or seeking hearing evaluations, tinnitus evaluations, or hearing aid assistance, our doctors are ready to help. We are passionate about helping all of our patients improve their quality of life through better hearing. We also believe that patient education is critical, so you won’t be lead through endless sales pitches at our office. If you are interested in hearing how we can help you hear even better, contact us at (410) 838-4327 or online. For more hearing tips and articles, follow Bay Area Audiology on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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