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Ear Wax, And How To Reduce It

Ear Wax, And How To Reduce It

When analyzing our ears and how they work, one of the first things to recognize is the presence of ear wax.

When analyzing our ears and how they work, one of the first things to recognize is the presence of ear wax. Specifically, how ear wax can impact our ability to properly hear and our overall health. Contrary to popular belief, the wax in our ears actually acts as a cleaning tool. It is created by glands, thus blocking smaller agents from reaching and disrupting the eardrum.  However, as many people have probably experienced in the past, ear wax can rapidly build up. A quick buildup can cause a variety of problems for your ears. To remove ear wax, the common practice is to use Q-tips. Yet, this is actually not the most effective strategy, as it only makes the situation worse. Here a few safe ways to reduce any ear wax problems you may be having.

Salt Water

It seems like salt water can be a great antidote for a lot of things, and that’s true here with ear wax. Salt water has the right formula to lessen the buildup, and potentially drain it out. By squeezing a few drops into your ear while tilting your head, you may be able to reduce the amount of wax. This technique will hopefully prevent any impaction within your ear canal.

Olive Oil

As with salt water, olive oil acts as a nice repellent against the buildup of ear wax. With olive oil, the goal is to soften the wax so that it may eventually run out, clearing up space within your ear. The same strategy with salt water can be applied, as you don’t want to go overboard in trying to reduce.


Another way to make sure things are running smoothly is to relax. Yes, relax. The buildup within your ears is a natural phenomenon. It should be happening, and if it isn’t, then that might be a bigger problem itself. The ear wax is meant to occur because it’s protecting, almost like a last line of defense. Unless you feel side effects like dizziness or trouble walking, the best way to maintain your health in regards to ear wax is to leave them alone.

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