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Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss

Most people assume hearing loss is permanent. This is true often, but not always. Hearing loss is nothing to take lightly, but you should not despair if you experience it yourself. For one thing, the field of audiology is more able to treat hearing loss than ever before. There is also the possibility that you are experiencing temporary hearing loss, and that its symptoms will go away with time or treatment. Here are a few causes of temporary hearing loss.

Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss

Hearing loss isn’t always permanent. Here are some common causes of temporary hearing loss.

Excess Earwax

The ear has a remarkable ability to clean itself. This is why, in most cases, using cotton swabs to clean out your earwax is unnecessary and potentially harmful. However, in certain circumstances, earwax can build up to the point that it becomes a significant problem, and medical intervention may be necessary.

If your ears’ self-regulating ability can’t keep up with earwax build-up, it may begin to harden and press against your nerves. You may notice such symptoms as physical pain, a darker color to your earwax, or a sensation of muffled hearing. Don’t worry—this ‘hearing loss’ isn’t permanent. With professional earwax removal, your hearing will return to normal.

Ear Infections

If you’ve experienced an ear infection before, you might remember the sensation of muffled hearing. It almost sounds as though you are underwater. This is because fluids form in the middle ear as your body attempts to fight off bacteria.

In all but the most severe of cases, it is only temporary hearing loss that results from ear infections. A doctor will likely prescribe you antibiotics that will take care of the infection.

Loud Noise

Are you a fan of live music? It can be exciting to see a favorite artist perform live, but—more often than not—these settings are far too loud. After attending a concert, you may have noticed a sensation of hearing loss. Things sound muffled. Normally, this sensation goes away in a day or two.

Just because this hearing loss is temporary doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. Especially with repeated exposure, extremely loud noise can damage the delicate hair cells in your ears and cause permanent hearing loss. If these environments are unavoidable, please use earplugs.

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